The title “a change is coming” stems from the hope that human rights education (HRE) does foster positive social change around the world. Thanks to HRE, people can not only learn about their rights but they can also learn to to exercise and claim rights (their own and those of others whose rights are abused or violated). Measuring what this social change looks like has been a constant struggle for me over the years. Writing blogs has been helpful for me because it forces me to reflect on the nature of my work, how effective I am, how I can improve what I am doing and in what way I can contribute towards this social change.  

I now work as a human rights education consultant but have in past incarnations been a volunteer math teacher in Malawi, a gender advisor in Ghana, a technical writer (I admit that was boring but the people I worked with were great), and a human rights education specialist for an NGO. In my free time I read and occasionally get back to my hobby of painting and sketching. 

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