I loved to draw as a child. At the age of 10, my mother took me to the local art store to buy me my first art supplies – pencils, brushes, sketchpads, paints, and a couple of canvases. While I wasn’t very good at painting, I enjoyed drawing a great deal –

superheroes, boats, cartoon characters, and landscapes. By the time I was 14, I spent most of my weekends in front of my easel, which I’d inherited from my father. I’m self taught and forever grateful to have inherited my father’s talent as an artist.

As time went on I had less and less time available to dedicate to my art, and to quote an oft-cited excuse, “life got in the way.” In recent years I’ve come back to my artwork. Please check out my artist Instagram page here.

A recurring character I’ve been drawing now has his own website (good for you, Sunny Bean!). He’s just getting started, so thanks for your patience.

I participated in the 2017 #16days campaign to eliminate gender-based violence. Illustrations from the 2016 campaign are here.

Uganda sketch
Sketch of student in Uganda, ink and markers, 2017.
“Run Rhino, Run,” ink and markers, 2016.
A throwback to the early days of Superman. Traditional ink and digital inks, 2018.