Nablus, Jerusalem, Gaza: three sketches

…Last Monday I left a workshop for teachers in Nablus. Beautiful sunny afternoon, just ate some kunafa with a couple of friends. Get back in the car and my friend driving slows down as we near the entrance of the city and says, “There’s been an incident.” As we slow down we see a few dozen boys and young men walking towards us, their eyes bloodshot and faces wet. One boy stares at me as we drive by, the effects of the tear gas obvious in his eyes…

…A walk through the Old City in Jerusalem, zigzagging the different quarters, capturing an image of a mosque’s minaret at sundown, barbed wire protecting a neighbouring building, the watchful eyes of security cameras never far away…

…A banal scene in Gaza, a woman stepping out of a taxi, groceries in hand, probably making her way home. Behind her lies the rubble of a bombed-out police station, destroyed during the violence that seized the city last November.

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