What’s worth blogging about in 2012?

As the New Year begins, I want to take the opportunity to thank my readers. I started this blog nearly two years ago having a vague idea about its subject matter: human rights, because that’s what I do, and travel (the work-related kind), because I have to do that in order for the human rights stuff to become a reality.

You – the audience – is more diverse than I could ever have hoped for. Since the blog started in 2010, it has been viewed over 18,000 times in 122 countries (and those aren’t all my own visits). The top 30 countries where this blog is viewed are listed below. 

Blog visits, top 30 countries, April 2010 – January 2012:

1. Canada
2. United States
3. Jordan
4. India
5. United Kingdom
6. Philippines
7. Indonesia
8. Brazil
9. Bangladesh
10. Nepal
11. South Africa                                                
12. Tunisia
13. Palestinian Territories
14. Israel
15. Sri Lanka
16. Mauritius
17. Ireland
18. Bahrain
19. Australia
20. Malaysia
21. Pakistan
22. Egypt
23. Iraq
24. France
25. Netherlands
26. Russia
27. Lebanon
28. Ukraine
29. Senegal
30. Italy

Over the last few weeks, I have introduced new elements to the website. The site now has headings – the main blog (Home) with current entries, the usual About section, my attempt at writing short, creative non-fiction (30 stories in 30 days), some of my travel blog entries (Travel stuff), some of my favourite entries, and some blogs related to human rights in Canada. I have also consolidated the most popular entries (and my personal favourites), the “Letters to my sons” which I started back in November 2010. These entries have been most helpful in framing and understanding my human rights work, because they have pushed me to reflect on using a language that my children will understand. Dealing with human rights violations with adults is one thing; trying to explain torture, rape or killing to a child makes you realize, even more than before, how fantastically cruel we can be towards each other.

I hope you enjoy the changes to the website. As always, I welcome your feedback and comments, just send me an email. I would also like to hear from you the kind of things you want to read more about – the travel, the short stories, specific human rights issues, reflections on facilitation, or anything else. What should I blog about?

So once again, thanks for reading, and Happy 2012!

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